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    Inherent Wisdom

    Wisdom is found in the production of peace. It is in the unity with God and with one another – the bond, the relationships we make, to nurture and protect. Wisdom is infused in the glory of God, the evidence of God’s presence in us and in creation. It increases with the transformation of us into the More Than – into more of who God created us to be – image-bearers, glorious. Love.

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    Collision of Peace

    Blessed is the Lord, and blessed are God’s people to whom God sends a savior, the messiah, who is Christ the Lord. Blessed is our God, and blessed are God’s gifts, that grace us with forgiveness and every good gift. Lord, you have come to dwell within us. Build your temple within our hearts. Amen A Collision of Peace As long as some are not at peace, I cannot really know true peace. What brings you peace? During the Advent season a few years back, our family was enjoying conversation around the dinner table, and Lysander wondered out loud at the implications of God’s creative intent in the beginning: He…

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    The Mysterious Bond of Peace

    Since there are a number of us that work together to bring together a worship service that has the best opportunity to guide us together into glorifying God, I have to decide on which scripture I will use for the following Sunday . . . just when I’ve finished preaching the previous one. But as the week progresses and I encounter people and God speaks in those spaces in between, sometimes the passage I did not choose speaks God’s message more clearly than the first. Adding to the mystery of God’s speech and the tradition of the church, there are two general streams of lectionary tradition, and the scripture in…