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    Reconciling Action

    Reconciliation is not just agreeing to disagree. Reconciliation that argues it out and settles the matter of how to move forward together, that is based on a covenant with one another, that is obtained by communing together – this reconciliation is active. We choose to listen into one another’s perspectives without assumptions.

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    Teacher: Reframing the Margins

    https://youtu.be/DWvIpLKww8U?t=334 An interesting thing about these instructions Jesus gives. He is not telling the people to live in acquiescence to the societal practices of humiliating the marginalized. Rather, Jesus is inviting them into nonviolent resistance. So, Matthew’s account of this scene specifies that if someone strikes you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also. As you may well know, in ancient cultures (and many contemporary ones) the left hand is considered bad, dirty. So to use the left hand for anything other than to clean oneself is to invite religious, if not judiciary repercussions. Furthermore, only the privileged (wealthy, in office, etc.) were allowed to strike another person…

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    Collision of Peace

    Blessed is the Lord, and blessed are God’s people to whom God sends a savior, the messiah, who is Christ the Lord. Blessed is our God, and blessed are God’s gifts, that grace us with forgiveness and every good gift. Lord, you have come to dwell within us. Build your temple within our hearts. Amen A Collision of Peace As long as some are not at peace, I cannot really know true peace. What brings you peace? During the Advent season a few years back, our family was enjoying conversation around the dinner table, and Lysander wondered out loud at the implications of God’s creative intent in the beginning: He…