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    Living Is Believing

    That enlightened senses to know good and evil obscured our vision that was created to see the Divine in one another, God’s image in each other. So, we must trust that love between us and look out together and truly, more profoundly love—in the strength of our relationship—and love creation and one another better.

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    Mysterious Faith and Certain Silence

    “The opposite of faith is not doubt. The opposite of faith is certainty.” Anne Lamott. When I was in 8th grade the director of mission overseeing our denomination’s Asia division came to speak to our church about God’s work there. He described opportunities for any who wished to participate in that mission including the Evangel Children’s Home in Hong Kong and the need’s there. At the end of his presentation he invited anyone in the congregation who desired to commit to going to Asia in some capacity to come forward and receive prayer. I felt as if I were being hoisted up by angels on either side, up out of…