A Few More Things

Dear DUMC Beloved Community,

Thank you, all, for being witnesses of Christ to our church. I have had a number of delightful interactions with many of you, and am heartened and hopeful for the next 2 weeks, and our continuing practice of being church together.

Following up from our previous post, here are a few more pieces of information:

As they meet in much smaller numbers, committee meetings and small groups may continue over the next two weeks at the discretion of individual committee chairs or leaders. Please do not attend any event if you are feeling ill in the slightest, or if, in any way, you meet the at-risk criterion (over the age of 70, or have a compromised immune system).

Also note, California adopted limiting groups to less than 10 if any are older than 60 or with compromised health.

Wed  3/18   6-7pm                  Practicing the Art of Lent

Fri     3/20   7-8pm                  Sam’s (Stateline Area Modelers) Club

Tues  3/24   6:30-7:30pm         Administrative Council Meeting

Wed  3/25   6-7pm                  Practicing the Art of Lent

Lenten Luncheons will be suspended for the next 2 weeks, but we will meet together again for the scheduled time April 1st. It is incredibly painful to miss these wonderful gatherings; still, we cannot put any of our community at greater risk.

All is subject to change as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. Please regularly check with one another, the church calendar, and/or our Facebook page for updated information.

As you know, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is far reaching and has had crushing economic effects on a global scale. Our church is no exception.

It will be difficult for our church to weather this financial drought unless we all work together to continue in our financial support. There are building utility expenses, repairs, insurances, to name a few of our bills, that have to be paid.

If you find value in our presence in the Durand community, we would be most grateful for any who are able to continue giving, and perhaps consider adding a bit more during these uncertain times.

We are most grateful for ALL the ways you are generous: in spirit, in service, financially and talents!

You may send your OFFERING OR DONATION while you remain at home by following this link or by sending a check to the church post office box:

Durand UMC

102 E Main St.

P.O. Box 168

Durand, IL 61024

Let us also continue to be vigilant concerning the more vulnerable among us. If any are remaining home because they cannot get out, or voluntarily in order to avoid contamination, they will need groceries, perhaps medication, and sundries. Keep an eye out for those who need our help.

         We can call and check on one another, and even make use of our technology to make video calls or conference call connections, as well. If you have other creative ideas, please share them to our Facebook page, or directly to me.

Please enjoy this song from The Odes Project. It is a beautiful prayer of Christ’s mercy, and a meaningful meditation for the Lenten Season:

May you experience the mercy of Jesus this day,

Pastor Nicole