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    Thank you for visiting our church website today. If you are looking for a church in Durand, you can find a welcoming, safe space here. At Durand United Methodist Church we believe we are made free by the love of God through Jesus Christ. Our impulse is to be active in the community and see with Jesus’ eyes, inwardly renewed by God’s Love, empowered by God’s Spirit. Our desire is to be at peace and bring God’s peace and love with us wherever we go. It is a joy to be a part of the Durand United Methodist Church! I invite you to connect with us in the life of this…

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    Defining Reconciliation

    We get hung up on the thing that follows (the so-called command, the for instance that is recommended – the details that are for that particular situation in time-space) than on what the scripture is revealing about God – who God is, what is God’s character, act and being: actively, relate-ably reconciling. And we are also defined by our reconciliation, our witness to the world of God’s reconciling action with us and with one another. – they will know we are Christians by our love...

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    Living the Prophetic

    Lin-Manuel Miranda is a modern-day prophet. He knows this country’s history and the constitution that supports it, and recognizes the beauty and potential the documents hold - and the abuses carried out in service to it. He tells it with culture-centric music styles, casting of diverse leading roles, humor and heartbreaking narrative. The prophet Hosea knows God and Israel’s history, and sees the abuses carried out in the name of religion, and tells the story through his own marriage – not much humor, probably no music, but definitely a lot of heartbreak.

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    Accepting Love

    When I notice you loving each other; when we experience joy together; when we act as instruments of peace . . . These are the effects of God's act and being in our world, much like the way physicists observe the act and being of particles in our universe. How we do theology matters. When my data – how I experience God, understand scripture – when my data overlays yours, and then ours together overlays your neighbors, etc., imagine! Imagine the remarkable things we can see with your gamma ray vision and my UV light vision and your X-ray vision of God’s very presence among us and as vast and…